The most distinguished feature in the Blade and Soul : character creation

Blade & Soul owes much of its renown to the fact that it possesses a deep character creation system, allowing players to create some the most beautiful and gorgeous avatars in the MMO genre.

This is especially true for female characters, as shown in this article.

But unfortunately, or fortunately for some, the opposite is also true. Players are effectively able to create characters with extremely amusing, and even unappealing, traits. This allows for comical and unsightly creations that will both please and displease.

The following youtube video by YouTube user and Twitch Streamer Pvt Wiggles showcases the different hilarious character creation possibilities.

The most beautiful and most creepy Blade and Soul  characters ever created 

Character creation is not what defines Blade and Soul but it’s what the game is proud of. If you don’t know, Blade and Soul has an unrivaled tool with which you can adjust how fluffy the hair is, how young/old the skin is, and how the eyelash looks like, etc. The tool divides character face into 30 different parts, each of which can be modified separately — it’s almost like plastic surgery.You can make your own choice in searching for more information in the website

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