Blade & Soul(KR) Updated the 9th Class – Soul Fighter

On December 4th, Blade & Soul(KR) updated the 9th class – Soul Fighter. As a hybrid class, Soul Fighter features important elements from Force Master and KongFu Master and is good at range attack and melee. Currently, Soul Fighter is open to KUN and Gon.

If you choose Soul Fighter, it will be easy to master when you are skillful at the circulation of damage export. However, only you continue to attack, switch position and keep strength, you could unleash Soul Fighter’s real strength.Please search more information in the official website . It is easy to control Soul Fighter, but hard to master

The CD time for Soul Fighter to switch position is 6 seconds. If you could make good use of skills, it is good to interrupt the opponents’ attack. Soul Fighter also features Kongfu Master and Force Master’s QESS. If you use QESS appropriately, Soul Fighter could keep powerful dynamic. Soul Fighter is also good at self-protection.

The Soul Fighter’s another highlighted skill is to recover team members’ HP by 20% immediately. This skill is very useful in emergent condition. With the skill improved, it could recover 70% HP with 1-min CD time.


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