Wave Goodbye to Closed Beta

Welcome to the final Closed Beta Weekend for Blade & Soul!


While this weekend ends the chapter to the Blade & Soul closed beta phase, we now enter the final push towards head start and launch which is right around the corner! All weekend long we will be on the lookout for screenshots of your characters waving goodbye to closed beta so be sure to share them with us in this thread.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has participated in the Blade & Soul closed beta. We hope you enjoyed the game as much as we do!


See you in the Earthen Realm!







Capture a screenshot of your character waving goodbye (/bye) to the Blade & Soul Closed Beta.



Entry Period:

The event will run from 12/18 10:00am PST to 12/21 10:00pm PST.




1. Capture a screenshot of your character waving goodbye (/bye). Don’t forget to hide your user interface for a cleaner looking screenshot! (See the above screenshot for reference)

2. Submit your screenshot in the entry thread and tweet your submission to @bladeandsoul for a chance to be retweeted throughout the closed beta weekend.



Screenshot Capture Instructions:

1.        Zoom into your character until your character disappears then slowly zoom out. This allows for you to move your camera with the mouse while your character stands still.

2.        Press enter and type /bye then press enter again.

3.        Quickly press CTRL-X to hide your user interface.

4.        Press Print Screen to capture screenshots.

a.     The screenshot folder is located within My Pictures in a folder named BnS.



Image Uploading Instructions:

1.      Upload an image to an image uploading website, for example: Imgur, Flickr, etc.

2.      Copy (CTRL+C) the Direct Link to the image.

3.      Reply in the entry thread and select the Image icon within the Text Editor options.

4.      Paste (CTRL+V) the Direct Link to the image in URL field and select the OK button.

5.      Your image should now appear in the text box.

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