Blade & Soul: Top 5 Best Rewarding Daily Dungeons

This guide is based on the game as it is right now and the recommended dungeons are subject-to-change depending on what changes we will see in the future patches. I will try and keep the guide updated as the game receives new content.

Those dungeons require quite a bit of time to complete, so if you’re looking for a faster way to farm gear, gold and materials, you can check this daily quest guide.

The four dungeons that I recommend doing are:
Skittering Tunnels
BrightStone Ruins
Hall of Ogong
BlackRam supply chain 6-man (recommended)
You will receive around 40 silver per dungeon for the four first and around 3.5 gold for the last, other rewards include soul shield pieces, weapon skins,, accessories, outfits, upgrade materials and crafting recipes. Below you can see the reward pool of each dungeon:





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