Blade & Soul (KR) Race Change Trailer

For Blade & Soul Korean players, they will finally get the exciting feature this week on March 23rd, as they’ll be able to change the gender and race of their characters. Players probably have to pay some real cash to make this happen and we don’t know the exact currency or how much it will cost yet. Along with the announcement, here’s a preview trailer for the gender/race change.


Blade & Soul: New Class Warlock Is Available Now

NCsoft has released new Unchained update for Blade & Soul, making Warlock class available for everyone. The new ranged class casts powerful spells but restricted by long cooldowns and vulnerable armors.

Along with the new class, B&S gets new dungeon Naryu Labyrinth and challenge instance Mushin’s Tower – Floor 8. On the other hand, new round of class balance will be made in the next update.

Blade & Soul: Warlock Talent Explanation

Blade & Soul’s new class Warlock will be released on March 2. It’s for sure that many players will play the new class, whether as alt character or main character. If you want to pick up Warlock fast, you can check out the video guide below, where you can find the explanation of the talents and how to spend points.