Albion Online: T1, T2 and T3

They were not in the game up to T3 so I did not notice them and was not having fun. I went in and cleared out several solo dungeons and thought where is the loot, where is the treasure chests, what is the point of coming in here…

What was the point of T1 when I could immediately make T2 and T3 one right after the other. The time I spent in my T1 gear was to make T2, then the same thing for T2 to T3. I took time to create gear to make more Cheap Albion Online Silver. I didn’t do anything in that gear of note before going to the next tier. That is about as basic and generic as it can be. There may as well just be a timer that counts down until I can change my gear from 2 to 3. That is just as boring. I didn’t adventure in my brand new tier 2 gear. I didn’t feel any more powerful. I just went from T1 to T2 when I had the stuff to make it.

I am glad to learn that later in the game that stuff appears, but it certainly doesnt appear soon enough. I spent an entire weekend playing the game because my wife and children were out of town and I didn’t get anywhere. I just grinded through the same boring tasks and quests and felt like the game was empty and very generic. You can flame me because I didn’t dedicate weeks of my life on the dull grind to reach PVP, but wouldnt it just be better to make the game fun from the start? Who cares how far I made it with the help of a lot of AO Silver? The game makes a bad first impression. If this game were to be released it would get something like a 1 or 2 out of 5 and that would crush the future of the game. Its very hard to recover from a slew of initial bad reviews. I see potential to this game and that’s why I cared enough to even leave my feedback. It’s generic, but has a good foundation. In it’s current form it seems like an rpg maker program or something. Like a bare game waiting for content and rule sets to be implemented.

I read this was supposed to be released in January. That would have been bad. They pushed it back and that is good, but I don’t see this getting finished in three months (I could be wrong) and I hope they take the time to turn this into a great game because I paid for it and think the game is crap right now. I would love to come back later and find a great game waiting for me that I already paid for. Right now there is no point wasting time playing this.

Albion Online: T1, T2 and T3

Trust me I play MMOs long enough to see the change in the playerbase as they whine that they don’t get special thingies for breathing, for logging in and for making one step. Sandbox games usually don’t do it. Sandbox games are about cooperation, about playing with other people way more than other mmos, about having a goal and going for it or about just having fun. But most importantly, they are about what you make of the tools given to you. There is no treasure chest at the end of the dungeon? So? You expected super reward for it? Why? Its a world where people make the world, sure there will be more tools added and players will find different things to do. It is beta, it is not a finished game.

Some people like it some don’t. There is millions of people who love WoW and other millions of people who despise that game. Nothing is for everyone.

Every game is repetitive. One of the most popular games today is GW 2, yet I found it horribly boring and its the most repetitive game I’ve ever played, since they made one dungeon where most people farmed at one point, over and over and over and over and over and over. Yet those people love it and play it. I couldn’t do it despite having a good group of people with Cheap Albion Online Gold. It was just killing me. This game is similar so far as the maps are made by hand, so the dungeons are similar, but the PvE is challenging, unless you have a glacial staff that is just ridiculously strong and know how to use it. But any mistake can cost you the whole dungeon run. If you can get to the dungeon in the first place as for higher tiers you have to go to PvP zones, so might not even get there and instead you are suddenly standing naked in the nearest city.

P.S. I hope there is never any music in game, because hearing the steps or skills of other people is important in this game. You should explore Albion more so you are able to experience it. Do you even have a good guild that suits your playstyle?


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