The Shattered Empire Overview & Patch Notes of BnS

After a long wait, the Shattered Empire update will finally hit Blade & Soul tomorrow. This update will bring several new contents to the game. Today NCsoft released an overview of the new features and changes in this update, as well as the full patch notes on the official website. Check below for the details:

Blade & Soul Update 2.1 – Shattered Empire

The Shattered Empire Overview & Patch Notes of BnS

Continue your adventures in Silverfrost Mountains with new dungeons, a new section of Mushin’s Tower, and a brand new 6v6 objective-based PvP mode. See more on the update overview page.

Group Content

The Shattered Empire Overview & Patch Notes of BnS

The Shattered Empire update brings two new dungeons; Cold Storage, a fairly simple but lucrative daily dungeon; and a new pinnacle in difficulty: Sogun’s Lament. In addition, Whirlwind Valley ushers in a brand new 6v6 objective-based PvP mode. See more in our Group Content article.

Spring Bounty XP Event

From April 27–May 11 earn additional experience to help propel you toward the end-game, or even just level up some new characters and classes. During the event the following bonuses are active:

+50% XP from defeating NPC enemies/monsters
+50% XP from daily quests
+100% Guild Points from gathering/crafting

These bonuses also stack with all other XP bonuses, including the one provided through a Premium Membership. Get the most out of your leveling speed potential!

Shattered Empire 2.1 Patch Notes

Daily Challenge is now available! Earn bonus rewards for certain Daily quests and get bonus rewards if you are able to complete 4 or more!

A Daily Challenge Tab has been added to Dragon Express where you can redeem Heavenly Energy.

Reduced the amount of Soulstones needed to craft Moonwater Plains items, including Moonwater Transformation Stones.
Additional sliders have been added for Monster and Background Effects Quality.
Fixed an issue where the /dance emote was not working.

Increased the amount of Frozen Stingers available from Avalanche Den, Lair of the Frozen Fang, and Awakened Necropolis.

Whirlwind Valley is now available! Whirlwind Valley is an objective-based 6v6 PvP mode where teamwork and coordination is key. This PvP mode is not gear equalized.
Fixed the use of unintended items in Duel Arena and Tag Match.

The following items are now available through PvP currencies from Duel Arena, Tag Match, and Whirlwind Valley (additional requirements are needed):

Hongmoon Pellet
Bloodshade Harbor Hongmoon Skillbooks (untradeable)
Retreived Hongmoon Secret Technique – Volume 1
Retrieved Hongmoon Secret Technique – Volume 2
Chilling Flame Elixir

You can now resist Asura’s Brand in Sogun’s Lament when equipping the following items:

Awakened Oathbreaker Belt
True Oathbreaker Belt
Awakened Scorpio Belt
True Scorpio Belt
New items can now be stored in the Wardrobe, including the following previously avaialble items:

First Mate
Lover Boy Bow Tie
Bunny Fluff
The following items can now be mailed with Outfit Delivery Stamps:
White Night
Lover Boy Bow Tie
First Mate

Fixed and updated a large amount of text, voiceover, and cutscene localization in English, German, and French.

Fixed an issue where some accounts were not able to send mail to other characters on the same account.
Fixed an issue where external links could not be launched from the Announcements (F1) window.
The deletion timer for characters level 16 and higher has been reduced to 12 hours.


What Do You Expect in Blade & Soul

Blade and soul has been a game that many of us have been waiting for years to get our hands on, after seeing all the trailers and gameplay footage, having first-hand experience at the game gives a completely different feeling of its own, but the real question is, have you enjoyed it or did you come to dislike it much quicker than you thought?

First off I just want to say that the visuals for a game that’s already “old” enough considering it’s release date on other countries is quite fantastic, I’ve done the “rush” to cap thing in many different games though I decided to more or less just start off very casual in order to just take my time and enjoy something that we’ve been denied over the years.

The game has many vista points where you can have a quick admire at just how pretty the game can actually look due to the pleasant locations and brilliant lighting effects, the game has some really vibrant areas which makes trekking through areas a nice experience. Obviously this goes without saying that you would be able to tell the difference in the texture quality in some cases on if you was to compare this game to more recent games like black desert, but the art style of Blade and Soul is what I think saves it and makes it still look quite relevant for its time.

I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the general gameplay of the game going from 1-45, none of it is to do with the levelling speed or the way you actually level up via quest grind, for me it was the way that the game felt very repetitive and lacking in the mob department.

As I progressed my way through the levels, I started to notice the lack of variety in what I was killing, I can’t remember the last game I played where “human” style mobs were the main enemy that you would be killing mostly throughout the game, especially as you get closer to 45 and then actually hit 45. When you hit the level cap and start doing dungeons, you’re mostly just battling against human mob types that are also using class based stances, aka destroyer, forcemaster, blademaster, assassin and kungfumaster, then you will also be seeing a fair amount of mob only “classes” which is a spearman, gunman, archers and a sword and shielder.

Even though the lack of mob variety (and lack of general interesting ones at that) seemed to be at an all time low for me, I’d rather not make that the butt of this whole thing, it was just simply something that had me feel the increased boredom when I wasn’t really facing anything new as I went forward through the game outside of the odd undead encounters, bears/lions/giant birds, frog people and a few other varients with predictable attacks in where you would just find your self laying waste to the enemies, generally you would be trying to lure up groups of mobs as much as you could as to make the process go quicker when it was viable due just how very easy it is to CC crowds of mobs with no AoE cap.

What Do You Expect in Blade & Soul

As it’s already quite an obvious thing and has been mentioned in other write-ups, making sure to get a good build is the obvious key to blowing through mobs, either with it being killing 1 at a time or mass luring, though when levelling in PvE I would easily always suggest to keep an AoE/CC based build if possible for your class. As I levelled up a kungfumaster, I was heavily limited to 1 by 1 kills until I got access to skill points with the ability to build how I wanted, it changed it from slow 1 on 1 killing experience to an AoE/CC machine, something that I wasn’t expecting considering how the kungfumaster is introduced to you at lower levels, though saying that, I wouldn’t recommend using the set builds that are offered to you.

Story/quest content:
I had heard that Blade and soul had quite a decent story to it, I saw some pretty nice cutscenes here and there over youtube and such so I knew that I had something to look forward to whilst levelling up, I don’t usually make it a thing to read through side-quests either as with many games it tends to be a lot of “who cares” with things such as “hi there stranger, fancy bringing me some meat by killing me some pigs” etc etc, not to say that Blade and soul lacked those quests…because it certainly did have some here and there which unfortunately takes away from the main story when you go from an epic story to dealing with a guys farm.

The cutscenes in this game really dragged me into the story and kept me immersed, some of them were quite long which made me enjoy and appreciate it just that much more, you can really tell the developers put a lot of effort into what they were making and the story they were telling. I’ve played my fair share of MMOs where I will usually skip reading the quests which can often even include the main story quests as they tend to not really drag you into it enough and sometimes have cutscenes that are either being told with pictures (which I don’t mind but it doesn’t drag you into what’s happening and can result in an easy skip) or just general in-game stuff with nothing all too big going on, I think this is what made me really enjoy and have that “I can’t wait to see what happens next” going off in my head after the scene ended, personally I don’t think I can give it enough praise as I’ve not really enjoyed an MMOs story in far too long, perhaps the last one that did it properly was swtor.

Outside of the main story content, I was quite surprised to find that the blue side quests actually had some interesting little storys to each area you was at as opposed to a load of content quest fillers to drive you along the levels. I enjoyed reading through a good amount of them as at times it would tie in with the main story it self to give you more of an idea on what’s happening around each zone, so really you could say that while the main yellow story quests is all you really needed to read as you progressed, the blue quests would give you that bit extra like with a general rpg if you’re one of those people that want to complete everything instead of just the story which can result in over double of your game time.

What Do You Expect in Blade & Soul

As I mentioned with the side quests having some of their own sub-storys, I enjoyed them enough to want to keep reading for the fact that there was a good amount of relevance to what was happening, such as being in the desert area dealing with yonkais brigade and helping soha out with another sub characters little army of “Yes Men” which then turns out to flow into the main story.

I do wish that all of it could of been as interesting as it was, much like I said earlier was that the game did have some general “throw-away” quests which I think was just there to help elongate the levelling time and offer some source of exp outside of doing dailys instead which would of been the worser option if forced upon some players, for me personally it was a pain to deal with as I kinda forced my self to read through the quests anyway even though I wasn’t bothered which took away from the general experiences I had been having up to those moments, but aside from that, I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

What Do You Expect in Blade & Soul

Current Endgame:
Blade and soul had a few unknown or confusing elements to me, one of those being I wasn’t fully aware of the F8 system back around the level 20 region when I hit my first purple dungeon, I ended up having a friend tell me about it when I told her I was having some trouble with those dragon pillars with trying to get a party with it, though I mention this as when I hit level cap on here I was somewhat fairly lost in what to do, I ended up googling and youtubing up a guide and fortunately found out everything I needed, though I wasn’t expecting to have to do such a thing when the game is still fairly “new” in its current stage.

The issue I had was the best way to go about starting, which I had figured out was to do the “24 man dungeons” which is basically a field zone as opposed to a dungeon where people can go in and out at will in order to get their much needed shield equipment, one of the dungeons for the most part is just there for dailys to generate an income after you have got your blue shields as the other 24man field dungeon has shields you can get aswell, except that they’re better, the only real difference in the fields is that I think the mobs have more health than the other, thus making it more of a pain to get through if you’re solo.

Blade & Soul New Content Update Shattered Empire Goes Live on April 27th

NCSOFT announced that Blade & Soul is set to go live next content update, Shattered Empire, on Wednesday, April 27th.

Blade & Soul New Content Update Shattered Empire Goes Live on April 27th

Shattered Empire will feature two new Heroic dungeons – Cold Storage and Sogun’s Lament – providing the greatest group content challenge in Blade & Soul to date. Players will also be able to test their solo mission skills while climbing a new section of Mushin’s Tower (F9-15) and experience a brand new objective-based PvP game mode, Whirlwind Valley, in a furiously competitive 6v6 team-based combat.

Blade & Soul: Are Updates Getting Implemented too Fast

Blade & Soul obviously had a greatly delayed arrival to the western regions but does this mean that we want to receive the updates at a much faster rate?

Plenty of players have managed to play Blade & Soul in the past on Asian servers, but I am well convinced that there are also many who decided to wait for the official western release. We have already received the Warlock class update with just a few months after the actual release, and now, the level cap increasing Silverfrost Mountains Expansion has also been announced.

Blade & Soul: Are Updates Getting Implemented too Fast

It currently feels slightly like NCSoft is trying to make up for the delay by pumping out all the updates from Korea at an extremely fast rate. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally like to explore a content fully and I can imagine that players are struggling to max out anything if by the time they are half way, another update makes the previous one quite useless.

My opinion here, will probably be opposed by those who have played on Korean and Chinese servers because they have already seen most of the things that are currently available on the NA and EU servers, but as I mentioned earlier, there are many players for whom this is totally new stuff.

Blade & Soul: Are Updates Getting Implemented too Fast

Currently, for me, a level cap increase after just a few months into the game, seems slightly early, but perhaps it might be a vital step due to the amount of balance fixes that the expansion will hopefully bring. Are you guys satisfied with the rate of updates in Blade & Soul, or is it perhaps slightly too fast to handle?

Blade & Soul (KR) Race Change Trailer

For Blade & Soul Korean players, they will finally get the exciting feature this week on March 23rd, as they’ll be able to change the gender and race of their characters. Players probably have to pay some real cash to make this happen and we don’t know the exact currency or how much it will cost yet. Along with the announcement, here’s a preview trailer for the gender/race change.

Blade & Soul: New Class Warlock Is Available Now

NCsoft has released new Unchained update for Blade & Soul, making Warlock class available for everyone. The new ranged class casts powerful spells but restricted by long cooldowns and vulnerable armors.

Along with the new class, B&S gets new dungeon Naryu Labyrinth and challenge instance Mushin’s Tower – Floor 8. On the other hand, new round of class balance will be made in the next update.

Blade & Soul: Warlock Talent Explanation

Blade & Soul’s new class Warlock will be released on March 2. It’s for sure that many players will play the new class, whether as alt character or main character. If you want to pick up Warlock fast, you can check out the video guide below, where you can find the explanation of the talents and how to spend points.